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Filling Process

We offer solutions of aseptic filling in 4 Tetra Pak machines – Gemina, A3 Flex, Compact, Slim 200 and Prisma. We make general beverage packaging, base fruity or not. The factory has 4 lines Tetra Pak, cans, glasses, aseptic bags and pouches. In addition, we fill sorbets and frozen fruit pulps.

R&D Products

The Global Fruit also supports the competitiveness of the food and beverage industries by supporting research, product development and innovation and production processes, labeling and registration with MAPA and ANVISA. Therefore, the company has laboratories of physical, chemical, sensory and microbiological analysis that, through a specialized technical team, performs a service with quality and agility. Our goal in serving our customers is to share their needs and bring a solution aligned with their expectations and the market in which they are inserted.

Product Storage

For products without refrigeration, our warehouse has 9000 pallet positions. For frozen and chilled products, we have a storage capacity of 1200 pallet positions in 4 cold rooms.

Fruit Processing

We also do fruit processing for filling. We take care of the process as a whole, from reception, washing, pasteurization if necessary, pulping and filling.